Saturday, May 14, 2005


Now all of my teaching stuff is officially, officially over. Which is nice. The excitement of finishing up that chapter was sort of cut down by the news that the article that I submitted about a month ago was rejected by the journal. Those jerks. It's one of those things I guess you have to get used to in research, but that doesn't make it suck any less. I was pretty much pissed for the next couple days.

This research world is an interesting one. I can work hard designing a good experiment. I can carefully perform the experiment. I can carefully process the data. I can sift through the processed data to determine its significance. I can write up a well thought out--and much revised--paper summarizing my finding. Then I submit the paper only to hope that someone who really has no interest in me or the progression of my career or research will deem my paper worthy of his/her journal.

But, not all is lost. I will find another journal to send my paper off to. I will get to send it to some other anonymous reviewer to determine my experiment's worth.

The upside of this is that these anonymous reviewers themselves get to be reviewed by other anonymous reviewers whenever they submit a paper. Maybe I will get to return the favor one day :)

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