Friday, June 17, 2005

Beamline life

So I've made it up to Long Island now. It has actually been a much nicer trip than usual. Having a coworker (Chris) up here has made things much more bearable, even enjoyable. Research has been coming along slowly, but I'm making some progress on my paper (which is a lot better than the zero progress I had been making lately).

I was playing around on Google Maps the other day and stumbled upon a restaurant about 10 minutes from the lab that looked intriguing. It's a bar/restaurant/art gallery that is in this old building. I'm not exactly sure what the building was originally--it sort looks like a club house at a country club that has been redecorated by artists. It is a great place. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was great. They have pool tables and several very comfortable looking couches. Chris and I will probably head over there again sometime soon to utilize their free wifi and comfortable couches. See this kind of a find may not seem like too big of a deal, but in a land of strip malls and Applebees, this place is a godsend.

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